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After the Election: So, What Next?

After the Election: So, What Next?

By Kym Hoffman


The decision has been made and votes have been counted. Natomas Park, with over 2,000 of you voting in a record setting election, your voice has been heard loud and clear. And that just brings me immense JOY & PRIDE that so many of you cared enough to participate in the decision. AMAZING!

So, what next? Certainly there is work to be done on The Club from the baseline repairs plan. Those plans are being determined and will be communicated soon.

But, whether you voted YES, NO or abstained, our community will be stronger if we can springboard the passion for the election decision into greater community engagement. Listen, I’m not asking each one of you to join a committee, run for the Board, and give your arm and leg to Natomas Park. You’re busy with family, work, babies, PTA, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go… I get it. I’m just challenging you to consider doing just a teensy bit more than you might be now, and I have ten very easy and painless ideas to share:

10 Easy & Painless Ways to be More Engaged in Your Community

  1. Sign up on the newly renovated www.NatomasPark.com website to receive e-blasts and notifications to stay informed of events, activities and association news.
  2. Like the Natomas Park Facebook page for the same reason!
  3. Read the 2017 Budget packet that was mailed to you in November. Chances are, you will learn something new about the business of our association.
  4. VOTE in the next election. Look for your ballot in May of 2017.
  5. Get “news” about the HOA directly from the HOA (i.e. NOT Nextdoor).
  6. Attend a NPMA social event or fitness activity and make a goal of meeting at least two new neighbors.
  7. Whether you have lived here 10 months or 10 years, attend a New Member Orientation if you aren’t familiar with The Club and/or wish to learn a little more about living in Natomas Park. Dates for 2017 have just been scheduled. RSVP by calling the Management Office at 916-925-9200.
  8. Read the Board meeting minutes to educate yourself on board actions taken monthly. These can be found on the new website, once you have signed up and logged in as a homeowner.
  9. When you see an opportunity for improvement, share your idea to a staff member, in the suggestion box at The Club or send an email to admin@natomaspark.aaronmatthewbeta.com.
  10. Ask questions. If you hear a rumor, make an assumption, find yourself questioning a volunteer’s motives, or something doesn’t sound right, please ask! The Management Office is the best resource. Questions like: “How do the reserves work in our HOA?” and “What is the role of the delegates in elections?” and “Why are so many of my neighbors getting courtesy notices about their fence?” are important in understanding how our HOA works, “…to enhance the quality of life in the Natomas Park community by promoting a friendly and safe environment for the benefit and enjoyment of all homeowners.”

Easy, peasy – right? If you’ve completed the tips above, or think you might be ready for more, you may want to consider moving on to the “advanced” list:

  1. Attend a Committee meeting or a Board Meeting. The schedule is on our website.
  2. Volunteer! There. I said it. But since this is the Advanced List, I feel like I still kept my word. Here’s the skinny, neighbors: We’re always in need of committee members or event volunteers. Share your time and talent with your community! You are needed!

Whatever passion you felt for the election that motivated you to check a box and turn in your ballot, I hope that as you think about New Year’s Resolutions, you’ll consider engaging just a tad more with our Natomas Park community. Our community will be so much stronger for it!



Kym Hoffman purchased her Natomas Park home in 2010 with her husband, Brent. She has volunteered as Chair of the Communications Committee and was elected to a three year Board term in June 2016. For her day job, she raises money to fund childhood cancer research at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The views expressed above are hers and hers alone. But, she hopes that you might see merit in one or two.