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Proposed Rule Change: Revised Delinquency Policy

The Board of Directors is looking for your input on this proposed rule change!  Please email Admin@NatomasPark.com if you have any questions or comments about the Rule Change Proposal. 

Purpose and Effect of the Proposed Rule Change: The Board of Directors is considering adoption of the proposed revised Delinquency Policy (the “Proposed Rules”). The Association utilizes rules in order to ensure fair and uniform application of the Association’s governing documents and to provide further guidance and clarification as to homeowners’ responsibilities and rights regarding payment of assessments.

The effect of the Proposed Rules will allow the Association to resume collection efforts.

The Board of Directors will hold a meeting Wednesday, December 5 at 6:30PM, to consider the adoption of the Proposed Rules.  The Board of Directors intends to make its decision at this meeting following consideration of any comments made by the members.

To view the Purpose and Intent Memo and a Redlined Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy, please click the links below.

Purpose and Intent Memo
Redlined Delinquent Assessment Collection Policy